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About Munchkins Netball

An introduction to our Munchkins Netball Classes

Our netball classes introduce children to the world of netball in a fun and exciting way. The program has been designed to gently introduce this amazing game through all the key elements including passing, catching, running, spatial awareness, balance, jumping and of course shooting. We encourage both boys and girls to attend our classes. This brilliant game is the perfect starting point for a child’s sporting development.

At every stage, fun is the first and foremost element of every class. Through the use of music, we bring something different to our netball classes that aren’t used elsewhere.

Our classes are split into three age groups: 2-3yr olds, 3-4yr olds and 4-7yr olds.

2-3yr olds – Class length 45 minutes: The youngest Munchkins Netball class, where we encourage parent participation, introduces the children to the core movement skills of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. Teamwork and social skills are two of life’s key skills so we try to emphasise and practice this as much as possible through lots of fun team games using coloured netballs balls to promote safety and learning. We also offer fun pod-like games such as catching, passing and shooting!

3-4yr olds – Class length 45 minutes: Our middle class is where we encourage our Munchkins to go it alone (although if they do still need parent help, that’s fine too!). During this class we will look to further develop all of the skills learnt in the first class; more catching, passing, shooting and jumping! There is still a huge emphasis on fun, teamwork and the development of social skills through our games and pods!

4-7yr olds – Class length 60 minutes: The Munchkins are now moving closer to making the step up to club netball and with this in mind, we look to develop their core skills even further. All the games we play are great fun, but all have specific netball-relevant themes. We look to refine their skills, but also add some new skill sets into their class which they wouldn’t be getting elsewhere. We do at this level introduce netball matches which are excellent for them to identify space and opportunities as well as hone their communication skills. Parents are always welcome to interact but by now they can take their well-earned break with a coffee and the newspaper!