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Football Munchkins in Blackheath

Football Classes for Kids in Blackheath

Football Munchkin Classes in Blackheath

Munchkin Sports introduces young children in Blackheath to the nation’s most popular sport, football. We teach them basic football skills, so they can be more confident playing with friends or trying out for the school team once they get a bit older. Besides teaching basic football skills and techniques, our classes are focused on helping young kids develop confidence, sense of teamwork and social skills.

We keep our training sessions fun for everyone. Our coaches use fun-themed games suitable for both boys and girls. Each class in Blackheath is headed by a friendly lead coach who makes sure each munchkin gets the most from the session. Our classes are also split into two age groups so as not to make any child feel intimidated.

2 to 4-Year-Olds

In a 45-minute class, the youngest munchkins get to develop balance, coordination, and agility. We teach them the basic techniques in football such as passing, receiving, dribbling footballs and scoring a goal. Our coaches also emphasise teamwork and social skills through exciting, non-contact team games. We encourage parent participation for this age group, so children feel comfortable and confident on the field.

4 to 7-Year-Olds

In this 60-minute class, our lead coaches look to develop children’s core football skills further. All the games we play are fun, but all have specific football-related themes. It helps our coaches see whether the children still need some time to polish their skills or are ready to learn new skill sets in the class. For this age group, we introduce friendly football matches. The matches are excellent opportunities for children to identify their role in the team and improve their teamwork and communication skills. During these matches, parents are welcome to cheer for their kids at the sideline.

Let your kids have fun and learn football at the same time. Book a football class in Blackheath today.


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