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Children's Football
Classes Coney Hall
Children's Football
Classes Coney Hall

Football Workshop for Kids in Coney Hall

Football is popular across the UK for a reason: it’s exciting both for the players and the spectators. If you want your child to develop a love for this sport early on, consider enrolling them in a kids’ football workshop from Munchkin Sports in Coney Hall.

Our munchkin football classes in Coney Hall provide kids two to seven years old with fun football training courses in a safe environment. Suitable for both boys and girls, Munchkin Sports’ football workshop is a great setting not just to hone your child’s sportsmanship and improve their fitness, but also to enhance their social skills.

Our football classes are split into two age groups and are each headed by friendly coaches:

2 to 4 Years Old

The youngest football munchkins will learn basic football skills, such as dribbling and kicking, in a series of 45-minute classes. They will also learn other skills such as proper balance and agility, as well as how to kick a football without picking it up.

In these classes, Munchkin Sports coaches emphasise the value of teamwork and encourage the development of social skills. We teach the kids that, apart from learning the mechanics of football, it’s working with each other instead of against each other that will help them win.

We also encourage parents of our football aficionados in the making to motivate their child to learn and have fun.

4 to 7 Years Old

Children aged four to seven years old are closer to playing in their respective first official football matches. This is why our 60-minute classes are aimed to further develop our slightly older munchkins’ core skills.

In these classes, our friendly and professional coaches facilitate football games to test our students’ football skills. The coaches also help each player learn how to strategise when it comes to scoring a goal and how to work with each team member. This is a great way for each munchkin to exercise their social and communication skills as well as identify their role in the team.

For classes or booking enquiries regarding our kids’ football classes in Coney Hall, give us a call on 020 8658 3777.

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