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Football Classes for Kids in Crystal Palace

Physical activity, particularly sport, is important for a child’s growth and development. It teaches them physical literacy and it gives them better control over their movements. Although most sport provides these benefits, team sports like football have more advantages.

Basic skills such as speed, agility, coordination, and balance are needed in football. In addition to this, football teaches munchkins cognitive decision-making skills. The fast-paced environment of football matches is the ideal place to educate munchkins on how to read the environment and how to determine which action to take.

We at Munchkin Sports believe that football teaches kids the value of teamwork and boosts their confidence. We introduce the sport to help munchkins develop their social and physical skills in a fun and supportive setting. We split our football classes into two age groups to better accommodate each child’s needs.

2 to 4 Years Old

Toddlers have short attention spans and they have yet to fully master their movements. The introduction of sports at this age can solve both of these problems. Sport, at this age, has the ability to teach toddlers basic social and physical skills that will aid their development.

At Munchkin Sports, we introduce kids as young as two years old to basic football skills. This primarily focuses on how to properly dribble and kick the ball. Additionally, we teach them that success in football requires teamwork.

Our coaches in Crystal Palace conduct lessons through fun interactive games. These mostly consist of activities centred on how to pass and receive the ball and how to score a goal. We encourage parents to join these games to motivate their munchkins to participate.

4 to 7 Years Old

We have football classes for older munchkins. For four- to seven-year-olds, we facilitate games and activities that will help further develop their skills. We move away from introductory lessons towards ones that aim to help munchkins improve their game-playing abilities, decision-making skills, and teamwork.

The games our coaches prepare for this age group are more challenging. This is to encourage healthy competition between the munchkins and to teach them good sportsmanship. Much like with the younger age group, we encourage parents to attend the games to cheer and motivate their munchkins.

At Munchkin Sports, we create an environment where kids can have fun as they learn new skills. For any enquiries about our classes in Crystal Palace, call us on 020 8658 3777 or send an email to

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