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Kids’ Football Classes in Hayes

Kids’ Football Classes in Hayes

Let your children experience the joy of being part of an athletic team and learn lessons in communication, socialisation and teamwork. Enrol them at Munchkin Sports’ football classes in Hayes. You’ll ensure their weekends, summers and half-term holidays are productive and, most of all, fun!

We are a UK Active Kids Accredited camp offering weekly and weekend football classes all over South East London. Our coaches are top-notch and have a great way with kids that will put your mind at ease.

A Camp that Could Set Your Child Up for Life

Children look forward to sports camps because of the chance to explore their strengths without the constraints of academics or classroom rules. We offer the chance for your children to experience a different kind of learning — one that develops their physicality, discipline, critical thinking and interactions with their playmates and adults.

Your children will learn the fundamentals of football at Munchkin Sports. They can develop muscle memory at an early age which would be an advantage if they want to become varsity players or even pro football players later on.

Your decision regarding their extra-curricular activities could set them up for life.

Age-Appropriate Football Programs for Kids

We want children to feel comfortable and confident on the field regardless of their age or experience in playing football. To ensure they are learning at an appropriate pace, we divide our football classes in Hayes into two age groups.

  • 2 to 4 Years Old – Yes, we believe two years old is not too young to start learning and loving football! We use fun and gentle methods to teach them the basics. Our 2-to-4 football class covers how to dribble, kick and pass the ball properly. We oversee the activities closely and see to your children’s safety as they enjoy the games.
  • 4 to 7 Years Old – Older children who have a better grasp of the basics will then proceed to our 4-to-7 football class. Here, our coaches help them hone their skills further. They’ll also experience what it’s like to play as part of a team. We teach them the value of teamwork, all the while making the experience enjoyable for everyone.

Let your children explore their potential, not just in football but in other aspects of their young lives. Sign them up for our football classes in Hayes.

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Kids’ Football Classes in Hayes

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