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Football Classes for Kids in Keston

Looking for football classes for kids in Keston? Look no further than Munchkin Sports. We are an energetic and enthusiastic sports company that gently introduces football to children in Keston. We teach 2 to 7-year-olds the basics of football and the value of teamwork and confidence on the field.

Having fun and making new friends are two of the most important aspects of our classes. Our coaches make sure that every munchkin is having fun by facilitating interactive games. Our games not only keep the munchkins entertained, but they also develop their social and physical skills. All our football classes are suitable for boys and girls.

Our football classes are split into two age groups:

2 to 4 Years Old

We introduce our youngest football munchkins to basic football skills such as the proper way to dribble and kick the ball. We teach the munchkins that in order to win a football game a team must work together and not against each other.

Our coaches facilitate fun team games to demonstrate teamwork in a football game. We also have interactive games such as passing and receiving the ball and scoring. We encourage parents to participate by motivating their child to learn and have fun.

4 to 7 Years Old

Our classes for 4 to 7-year-olds aim to further develop the munchkins’ core football skills. In this class, we facilitate football games to put their skills to the test. Our coaches make sure that the munchkins are motivated throughout the game by cheering them on and guiding them when they are challenged.

Parents are highly encouraged to watch their child perform for them to be more confident on the field.

At Munchkin Sports, we conduct our skill sessions and football games in a fun, safe and friendly sporting environment. For any enquiries on when our next football class in Keston is, give us a call.

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