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Kids Football Classes in Lee

Toddlers and preschoolers have excess energy on any given day, which can leave even the most creative parents out of ideas on how to keep their munchkins occupied. In this case, sports is a great activity to introduce to kids, especially for developing and refining motor skills at an early age.

While most sports can offer a multitude of physical development advantages, team sports such as football is an ideal starting point. Football fundamentals help kids build agility, proper balance and coordination, all while having fun with their playmates.

Our kids football classes in Lee teach children the importance of teamwork and having confidence in their abilities. Munchkin Sports introduces all the fun, energetic aspects of football to kids while steadily instilling the spirit of sportsmanship as a valuable social skill.

Football Classes for 2 to 4-year Olds

Given that toddlers have short attention spans and underdeveloped coordination, our sports courses are tailored specifically to focus on improving those aspects. By slowly introducing basic rules and techniques to achieve certain goals, kids as young as two can put all their excessive energy to good use.

We at Munchkin Sports recommend football as a primer to team sports, as it promotes development of strong social skills alongside entertaining exercises like dribbling and kicking.

Our football coaches also design lessons as interactive games mostly centred around passing, receiving and dribbling the ball to the goal; parents are also welcome to join to encourage their kids’ active participation.

Football Classes for 4 to 7-year Olds

For munchkins older than four, our kids football classes in Lee focus more on developing their existing skills. We gradually integrate more complex facets of team sports such as decision-making, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Our coaches prepare games in this course to promote friendly competition, fair conduct, and above all else, a healthy sense of fun.

Munchkin Sports always strives to create an enjoyable learning environment where kids can foster a love of physical and social activity. Give us a call today or drop us an e-mail so we can recommend a programme best suited to your kids.

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