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Football Munchkins in Orpington

Football Classes for Children in Orpington

Munchkin Sports introduces Orpington’s little tots to playing football in a safe and warm environment. Our coaches teach kids basic football skills in a fun, pressure-free environment, encouraging them with their learning. Although we aim to develop their skills and appreciation for the sport, our main goal for this age group is to build their confidence and enhance their social skills.

We use child-friendly football equipment to let kids feel they’re playing like their older brothers and sisters while allowing them to practice football skills at their level. Our classes involve fun-themed games suitable for boys and girls, teaching children to work with their peers while having fun. As a UK Active KIDS-accredited sports club, we are committed to observing safe practice, best practice and quality assurance.

To help younger munchkins feel more at ease, our classes are split into two age groups.

2 to 4-Year-Olds

We offer a 45-minute class for our littlest munchkins. Our lead coach introduces them to the most fundamental football skills such as balancing and kicking the ball without picking it up. The coach also teaches interactive pod games that include dribbling, passing and receiving.

4 to 7-Year-Olds

We hold a 60-minute class for slightly older munchkins to prepare them for participating in full-on football matches. In this setup, munchkins start to learn the different roles in football, helping them understand how each player contributes to a goal. Despite being more structured, the main aim of the class is still to help children enjoy football while learning social skills and teamwork.

Partnering with Parents

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on your tots’ football milestones. That’s why the structure of our classes provides parents with a fantastic opportunity to assist in their kids’ learning. We encourage parents to cheer for their munchkins from the touchline to give the munchkins reassurance.

We look forward to helping your little tot turn into a well-rounded little kicker. Call us on 020 8658 3777 for a football class in Orpington.


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