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Football Munchkins in Shirley

Football Classes for Kids in Shirley

A physical activity, such as football, is important for a child’s growth and development. It develops their speed, agility, balance and coordination. Playing a team sport also enhances their social interaction skills and builds their self-confidence.

At Munchkin Sports, we introduce 2 to 7-year old kids in Shirley to football. We teach them basic football skills and techniques, developing their interest for the sport and encouraging them to join their school team.

All of our football munchkin classes are headed by a friendly lead coach who prepares fun themed games suitable for both boys and girls. To avoid our younger kids from feeling intimidated, we split our classes into two age groups:

2 to 4-years old

Toddlers have yet to fully master their movements and they have short attention spans. Football, at this age, has the ability to teach children basic physical and social skills that will aid their holistic development.

We teach them basic football skills such as how to properly dribble and kick the ball. Additionally, we teach them the value of teamwork and playing fairly with others.

Our coaches conduct lessons through interactive games and activities that mostly centre on how to pass or receive a ball. The coaches also teach the kids how to score a goal to boost their confidence. We also encourage parents to join the games so their munchkins will be more motivated to participate and have fun.

4 to 7-years old

Our football classes for older munchkins consist of games and activities that further develop their skills. We move away from introductory lessons towards coaching sessions that improve their decision-making skills, game playing abilities and teamwork.

Our coaches prepare more challenging games to encourage healthy competition and good sportsmanship. Much like with the younger munchkins, we encourage parents to attend the games and cheer for their kids.

To book a football class in Shirley, contact us today. We conduct our football games in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

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