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Football Munchkins in Shortlands

Kids’ Football Classes in Shortlands

Nurture your children’s love for sports by enrolling them to Football Munchkins, our football program for young children in Shortlands. We hold these classes every Saturday at Langley Park School for Girls.

A football program for kids is an excellent way for them to spend their weekend mornings. They’ll enjoy the fresh morning air, get regular exercise and learn the basics of playing football. Should your child show promise and become interested in the sport, we can introduce him or her to people who can help them develop their skills as we are connected with local clubs in Kent.

Promoting Holistic Development through Kids’ Football

Munchkin Sports aims to provide young children with an avenue to develop their social skills, cognitive reasoning and physical abilities.

Our interactive classes encourage children to socialise and befriend one another. They play age-appropriate games that help improve their speed, agility, endurance, balance and coordination. Of course, they also learn the basics of football, such as kicking, passing and blocking the ball.

We group our participants according to age:

Age Group 1: 2-3 years old

Our coaches teach our youngest participants basic football skills and build up their confidence on the field.

Age Group 2: 3-4 years old

This class introduces more football drills in the form of games that enable children to understand the sport better.

Age Group 3: 4-7 years old

Munchkin Sports coaches focus on developing the core skills of our oldest age group without losing the spirit of fun.

Through our football classes, kids learn the importance of exercise and eating healthy; understand the value of teamwork; develop self-confidence and learn how to communicate with other children and adults.

Qualified Sports Coaches for Children

We are UK Active Kids accredited, and our trained coaches also teach PE classes in one of the largest primary schools in the country. We strive to provide an inclusive, nurturing and stress-free environment for your kids. It’s been seven years since we started; today, we’re running weekend and after-school sports classes for over 4,000 children all over Kent.

Give your children something fun and exciting to look forward to every weekend. Sign them up for Football Munchkins! You may register via call (020 8658 3777) or email (

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