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About our holiday camps

Multi-Activity Holiday Camps for 4 - 11 year olds

campvideoWith so many options to keep your children entertained during school holidays, it becomes increasingly hard what to select to keep them happy.

Munchkin Sports holiday camps offer a wide variety of sports and activities sure to keep your children not only entertained but also learning lots as well. Every day the children will have brand new experiences, make lots of new friends and of course have lots and lots of fun.

Your children will get to play Rugby, Football, Athletics, Netball/Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Dance and many other fun team games. We also do lots of arts and crafts, which the children love! We do this not only because it’s fun, but also because it’s important that children rest in-between the sports.

Each camp will have on-site every day a senior Munchkin Sports Manager and a fully qualified sports coaching team to ensure everything runs smoothly in a professional and safe environment. At all times a Paediatric first aider will be on site.

We offer various packages to suit your needs and work schedules as well as offering a sibling discount (for full week bookings). Each location that we use to hold the camps, boast state of the art facilities, both outdoors and indoors.

Check out our Holiday Camp theme days for the 2021 Summer period
Splash Party

3rd Aug:      Poverest Primary (Orpington)
10th Aug:    Langley Park School For Boys (Beckenham)
11th Aug:     Red Hill Primary (Chislehurst)
12th Aug:    Harris Academy Greenwich (Eltham)
13th Aug:    Parish CE Primary (Bromley)
20th Aug:   Darrick Wood Secondary (Orpington)
24th Aug:   Poverest Primary (Orpington)

Scooter Days

13th Aug:   Darrick Wood Secondary (Orpington)
18th Aug:   Red Hill Primary (Chislehurst)
19th Aug:   Harris Academy Greenwich (Eltham)

Reptile Mania

27th Jul:   Red Hill Primary (Chislehurst)
27th Jul:   Harris Academy Greenwich (Eltham)
3rd Aug:   Parish CE Primary (Bromley)

Circus Skills

10th Aug:    Poverest Primary (Orpington)


27th Jul:     Langley Park School for Boys (Beckenham)
17th Aug:   Langley Park School for Boys (Beckenham)

Mad Science Shows

29th Jul:    Darrick Wood Secondary (Orpington)
29th Jul:    Harris Academy Greenwich (Eltham)

Nerf Days

27th Jul:     Poverest Primary (Orpington)
30th Jul:     Parish CE Primary (Bromley)
3rd Aug:     Langley Park School For Boys (Beckenham)
4th Aug:     Red Hill Primary (Chislehurst)
5th Aug:     Harris Academy Greenwich (Eltham)
6th Aug:     Darrick Wood Secondary (Orpington)
17th Aug:    Poverest Primary (Orpington)
20th Aug:   Parish CE Primary (Bromley)
27th Aug:   Darrick Wood Secondary (Orpington)


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Our holiday camps are jam packed with sport. Our Munchkins will play at least 5 different sports each day.




Each day our Munchkins will take a break from the sport to create something that fits in with the theme for that day.




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