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A Typical Day

How our holiday camp day runs from start to finish

Our holiday camps start at 9:30am and run throughout the day until 4:30pm. We offer an extended hours service which can be booked in advance or on the day, providing you with the flexibility you need. Different locations offer different start and end times –


Early drop-offs are either 8:00am or 8:30am


Late pick-ups end at either 5.30pm or 6:00pm.


Please contact us to find out which locations offer which times.


9.30am – Registration: This is when our holiday camp day starts. Once your child is registered into camp, they are taken to a base room. This space allows for the children to familiarise themselves with others in their group and coaches who will be with them for the day.

Once all the children have arrived your child’s Group Leader will hold a welcome meeting to get all the children settled, excited, and ease them into the action-packed day. We will also use this time to run through the camp rules, explaining what we expect of the children and what they can expect from their Group Leaders.

10:00am – Morning sessions: Our morning session consists of two activity blocks and a snack break in-between. Children will play a variety of different fun and team-building games and activities in their groups. The children will have plenty of opportunities for drinks breaks during their game and each session.

There will be an opportunity for a 30-minute snack break in which the children can have a short break from the activities and some food. We always encourage healthy choices and want a regular eating routine to keep your child happy and fuelled for the day.

Please note that we operate a NO NUT policy across all our holiday camp locations.


12:00pm – Lunch: The children all eat lunch in their groups. Please ensure you pack a nutritious lunch for your child with plenty for them to eat.


1.00pm – Afternoon sessions: Our afternoon sessions will comprise of three more blocks in which your children will play even more games as well as arts and crafts sessions.

The afternoon session will also include a drink and a snack break where again, your children have a chance to relax and recharge for the remainder of the afternoon.

4.30pm – End of day: At the end of the day all the children will be waiting for you with all their belongings, ready for dismissal and to tell you all about their experiences! Please head to the designated dismissal area where the staff will be waiting for you to collect your children.