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Planning, Preparation & Assessment (PPA) Cover

Munchkin Sports is a professional sports coaching company that specialises in providing an excellent standard of sports coaching and activities in Primary Schools.

Our goal is to inspire children through P.E. The Munchkin Sports ethos has always been to provide children with a fundamental sporting foundation for them to take forward in life. This foundation has been designed to be taught in a fun environment. If children enjoy their sport, they will progress with excitement and dedication.

The level of service that we offer helps schools achieve above National Curriculum goals for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.



Why choose Munchkin Sports:

  • We will work in conjunction with your school to deliver a P.E structure designed to work within and beyond the National Curriculum guidelines.
  • We will provide fully qualified P.E specialists to deliver all sessions.
  • Continuity is crucial to child development, so we will always provide dedicated coaches just for your school.
  • The provision will be continuously monitored and progressed to ensure your school is getting the best possible service we can offer.
  • Many schools have different, or special needs requirements, so we are more than willing to structure the provision to suit your school’s individual needs.
  • We will aim to provide and maintain a higher standard of P.E in your school.
  • We will introduce our policy folders so each class teacher can have complete transparency with our staff. This enables us and you, to monitor behavior, ability progression and any special needs. The lesson plans will be included with assessment documentation.
  • Our staff have the experience of teaching P.E in a number of different schools covering all sports in the National Curriculum.
  • We offer the option to teach from Reception age to year 6.

PE PPA Free Trial:

Children’s P.E lessons are such an important part of their physical development and when schools are looking for a specialist to come in, we understand that they do not want to commit to a company without seeing them teach first. This is why we are more than happy to provide you with a free trial so you can see exactly what type of service we offer. We would like the free trial to work the same as any of our P.E PPA sessions, which is why we provide the following as part of the trial:

  • We will provide you with the P.E teacher qualifications and DBS number before he/she comes into the school.
  • We will provide you with the P.E teacher for the amount of time that you are looking for. For example, a half day, or a full day.
  • The coach will come equipped with our structured plan of work, so you can see what the teacher will be doing and the lessons that would follow.
  • We will register and get the children changed so you can have a look at our class room management.
  • Our staff will get to your school early so they can talk to the class teachers about any additional information they need to know, such as any additional needs or individual behavioural plans.
  • Our P.E teacher will also get the children changed back into their school uniform, so they can hand them over to the class teacher ready for the rest of their school day, just as we would during a PPA session.
For existing school references, or if you would like to set up a free PE PPA trial please email: