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Rugby Munchkins in Blackheath

Rugby Classes for Kids in Blackheath

Rugby Munchkin Classes in Blackheath

Munchkin Sports puts a spin on rugby classes to make them fun and exciting for children in Blackheath. We use music and colours to engage young kids in learning core rugby skills, building confidence and developing social skills.

Our classes are non-contact and suitable for young boys and girls. Each class is led by a friendly coach who evaluates each munchkin to make sure they get the most from each session. We also split our classes into three age groups to prevent kids from feeling feel intimidated while on the field.

2 to 3-Year-Olds

Our class for the youngest rugby munchkins runs for 45 minutes and introduces kids to the most basic rugby skills, such as holding the ball in two hands and developing coordination, agility and balance. We use coloured mini rugby balls to excite their interest in the sport. They get to enjoy fun activities like scoring tries, using tackle bags and kicking over the posts. Our coaches also promote teamwork and social skills through non-contact team games. We encourage parent participation for this age group.

3 to 4-Year-Olds

In this 45-minute class, our coaches refine the core skills that children have learnt from the previous class. Our coaches concentrate on rugby-specific drills, including touch rugby, side-stepping and team events that foster fun, healthy competition.

4 to 7-Year-Olds

In this 60-minute class, our coaches aim to develop the children’s core rugby skills further.  Our coaches also add some new skill sets into the class which kids won’t be getting elsewhere. At this level, we introduce tag rugby, which is a non-contact match that helps children identify their role in a team, work better with other children and hone their communication skills.

If you want your kids in Blackheath to learn rugby while having fun at the same time, book a class today.

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