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Rugby Classes for Kids in Coney Hall

Exciting Rugby Classes for Kids in Coney Hall

One of the most fun but challenging sports is rugby – and learning to love it from a young age can benefit children in a lot of ways. Physical games like rugby help kids stay active and are essential in developing skills, such as flexibility, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

For parents who want to help their child develop these abilities, Munchkin Sports offers rugby classes for kids in Coney Hall. These classes are designed for children two- to seven-years-old to be entertained and learn a wealth of new skills.

Munchkin Sports’ rugby classes are suitable for both boys and girls and are non-contact in approach. In each of these class, we bring different elements of rugby and teach our young participants at different levels. This is why our rugby classes are divided into three age groups:

2 to 3 Years Old

The class for our youngest rugby munchkins teaches them the most basic rugby skills. This includes holding the ball in two hands, balancing, and coordination. In these 45-minute classes, led by friendly coaches, we emphasise the value of teamwork so that it’s instilled in a child from the get-go. We also promote fun ways of learning by using coloured rugby balls, which the kids use for practice-kicking and scoring.

3 to 4 Years Old

In these classes, our friendly coaches teach kids rugby-specific drills. Armed with the basics they’ve learned, the munchkins perform drills such as touch rugby, side-stepping and timed team events. Again, we use colour-coded small rugby balls for these drills to help the kids further develop their hand-eye coordination. Through these classes, our young players enjoy and learn from healthy competition.

4 to 7 Years Old

This age group is close to making it to actual mini rugby games, so we help them develop their core skills even further. Munchkin Sports’ rugby coaches facilitate mini, non-contact rugby games or tag rugby. This game helps the kids refine their acquired skills and learn a few more tricks along the way.

For enquiries on classes, contact Munchkin Sports on 020 8658 3777.

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