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Fun and Engaging Rugby Classes for Kids in Greenwich

Introducing your children to sports at an early age is an investment that will pay off in many ways as they grow older. Team sports are a great way to develop motor skills, social skills, and most importantly, to learn the value of teamwork.

In this day and age, it can be a lot more challenging to encourage children to go outside and play. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, kids these days are glued to the screens from a young age. One way to overcome this problem is to engage your kids in sports.

Munchkin Sports offers fun Rugby classes for children in Greenwich. Our rugby classes introduce the sport to your kids in a safe and exciting way. We will keep your kids active and help direct them on a path of an active lifestyle. With the sport’s strict rules and defined boundaries, playing rugby will help teach your children the value of discipline and teamwork and develop their physical and mental skills.

Our rugby classes are divided into three age groups:

For two to three year olds

Rugby classes for our youngest munchkins focus on the introduction of the sport through teaching basic rugby skills. We start with lessons on holding a ball with two hands and developing their agility and balance. In this rugby class, keeping them focused and entertained are two of our main proprieties. Our munchkins will use coloured mini rugby balls and play interactive games in order to stay motivated while having fun.

For three to four year olds

Rugby classes for this age group will further develop their basic skills in order to prepare them for fun and healthy competition. Our instructors will help munchkins learn rugby-specific activities such as touch rugby, side stepping and timed events.

For four to seven year olds

As our munchkins advance to this level, we will teach skills that help them become capable rugby players. Tag rugby and other rugby games are introduced in order to develop teamwork and communication skills. In this rugby class, we instil healthy competitiveness in our munchkins to encourage them to continue playing at club level.

Here at Munchkin Sports, we believe kids are never too young to learn and play rugby. Contact us today so your kids can try a fun and safe rugby class with us in Greenwich.

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