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Kids’ Rugby Classes in Hayes

Kids’ Rugby Classes in Hayes

Enrol your kids to our rugby classes in Hayes where they can experience the perks of a sports camp without being too far from home.

Our founders started Munchkin Sports after seeing the interest in the eyes of younger tots as they watched their older siblings on the field. Why should the little ones miss out on the fun, after all? Over the course of our exploration, we have found a way to make rugby enjoyable even to very young children. Under our care, your children will learn the basics of rugby without exposing them to the risks associated with the sport.

  • Safe for your children
  • UK Active Kids Accredited classes
  • Monitored by friendly and alert coaches
  • Designed to let children have fun

Rugby in the Eyes of Toddlers

Upon first glance, rugby is a brutal contact sport that’s best left to athletes who’ve had years of training and physical conditioning. There’s no way the sport could be appropriate for children — and we agree, but only if the conditions aren’t designed with them in mind.

Munchkin Sports creates a fun, friendly and safe environment for children ages 2 to 7. At our classes, rugby becomes a vehicle for children to experience and learn other important things:

  • Socialising and making friends
  • Developing core motor skills
  • Following instructions
  • Valuing teamwork
  • Respecting and caring for others

Our friendly coaches deliver lessons gently and playfully. Children aren’t under any pressure to perform, so learning the basics of the sport is more enjoyable.

Classes According to Age Groups

To further ensure your children’s wellbeing, we divided our classes into three according to age groups:

  • 2 to 3 Years Old – We prepare enjoyable games for the youngest of the bunch! Our coaches incorporate the basics of rugby into activities that engage the toddlers. Along the way, they learn how to hold the ball and develop balance and hand-eye coordination.
  • 3 to 4 Years Old – Those in the middle group, with their better reflexes, learn how to sidestep and do other agility drills. They will have team activities where they experience how it is to play on a team. We use colour-coded balls to develop hand-eye coordination further.
  • 4 to 7 Years Old – The older kids can look forward to tag rugby, a non-contact version of the game that teaches them its rules without exposing them to collisions and impact risks. We still incorporate play, but with a greater focus on teaching children evasive manoeuvres, passing, catching and spatial awareness.

It brings us great joy to see children overcome their shyness and develop confidence on and off the field. Sign them up for our kids’ rugby classes in Hayes. Contact us through via phone (020 8658 3777) or email (


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