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Rugby Munchkins in Orpington

Rugby Classes for Children in Orpington

Kick-start your tot’s love for rugby with Munchkin Sports’ safe and fun classes. We provide rugby classes in Orpington for children aged 2-7 with a focus on helping them gain confidence and develop their social skills.

As a UK Active Kids-accredited sports club, we adhere to safe practice, best practice and quality assurance.  All our classes are completely non-contact and suitable for young boys and girls. To make classes more interesting for the munchkins, we teach some basic skills using music and colours.

At Munchkin Sports, we put a premium on fun learning. We take care to learn each munchkin’s strength so as not to pressure them to perform beyond their level. Parents are encouraged to cheer for their kids to keep them motivated and enthusiastic. For the tots’ comfort, our classes are separated into three age groups:

2 to 3-Year-Olds

Rugby classes for our youngest munchkins are colour-filled and run for 45 minutes. We use multi-coloured rugby equipment to keep the little guys interested and facilitate interactive games where they can practice skills like scoring tries and using tackle bags. The fundamental goals for this class are to strengthen the munchkin’s ability to balance, be agile and hold the ball with two hands. But we also aim for the tots to learn social skills, build their confidence and love the sport.

3 to 4-Year-Olds

Classes for 3 to 4-year-olds are designed to reinforce and refine the skills they have already learned. We give munchkins drills such as touch rugby and side-stepping. At this stage, we start to introduce the munchkins to the whole structure of the sport and hold timed team events. This is also a great stage to introduce listening, understanding and responding to instructions.

4 to 7-Year-Olds

We give 60-minute classes for slightly older munchkins that are designed to strengthen their core rugby skills. We facilitate mini non-contact rugby games such as tag rugby to develop their motor skills further and teach them new ones. Our games allow children to get acquainted with healthy competition and to start practicing strategic thinking.

Munchkin Sports helps Orpington’s tots grow in health, friendship and sports. For questions on our rugby classes, call us on 8658 3777.


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