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Rugby Classes for Kids in Keston

Safe and Engaging Rugby Classes for Kids in Bickley

If you are having trouble getting your kids off the sofa and keeping them away from electronic devices, Munchkin Sports offers Rugby classes for kids aged 2 to 7 in Bickley. From learning the basics of the game to preparing for a mini rugby game, our classes are especially designed for the development of your kids’ social skills and confidence.

While the sport has a reputation of being tough and possibly dangerous, our Rugby munchkin classes are non-contact and are suitable for kids of any gender or age. However, just because it’s designed for kids does not mean that it takes away the sport’s physical, mental, and social benefits.

Develops motor skills

For our munchkins aged 2 to 3 years old, we introduce them to basic rugby skills such as proper holding of the ball. We aim to develop the agility, balance and hand eye coordination of our youngest munchkins. For 3 to 4-year olds, we will then advance to touch rugby, sidestepping activities, and using colour-coded mini rugby balls to further develop their coordination.

Promote teamwork and hone communication skills

Here at Munchkin Sports, we promote teamwork through fun games. While our rugby lessons are mostly developing individual skills and strengths, we also value the sport’s social benefits. For 2-3-year-old munchkins, we let them play team games such as taking turns to kick the ball, scoring tries and using tackle bags. Meanwhile, for the 4-7 age group, tag rugby will be introduced to hone their communication skills and proactiveness.

Builds self-esteem and confidence

Regular engagement in sports like Rugby will help boost your child’s self-esteem. As children set small goals on the fields and continually master skills, their confidence can be built every session.

We at Munchkin Sports believe that no one is ever too young to play a fun sport such as Rugby. Contact us and let’s get the kids out of the living room, running around and being part of a team.

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