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Rugby Munchkins in Shortlands

Rugby Classes for Kids in Shortlands

Participating in team sports teaches the value of communication and teamwork. It also promotes discipline, obedience, critical thinking and physical fitness. These are lessons that are best learned as children.

Start your children young by enrolling them to Rugby Munchkins, a rugby sports program for children 2 to 7 years old. Our classes are the perfect venue for your children to expend their energy. Not only will they learn how to play the sport, but they will also:

  • Develop their social skills and make new friends
  • Improve their balance, coordination and agility
  • Strengthen their bodies through regular exercise
  • Build self-confidence
  • Gain entry to local sports clubs

Why Rugby?

We understand if you are apprehensive about letting your children learn to play such an intensely physical sport. Rest assured that our rugby classes for kids are strictly non-contact. We teach the basic movements, like catching, kicking, passing and running while holding a rugby ball in a laid-back manner so kids don’t feel a need to compete with one another.

We also organise fun games that promote cognitive learning, like learning action sequences and colours using child-friendly rugby balls.

We group participants by age so they can play with children of similar strengths and interests.

Age Group 1: 2-3 years old

For the younger set, we focus more on skills building and playing fun, interactive games that introduce the concept of teamwork.

Age Group 2: 3-4 years old

Our coaches first introduce rugby-specific drills like side-stepping and touch rugby to develop your children’s hand-eye coordination.

Age Group 3: 4-7 years old

Munchkins in the older age group will be the first to experience playing tag rugby, a non-contact team game. It’s excellent training for young tots who show an aptitude for the sport.

A Worthwhile After-School Activity for Your Children

Let your children run and play outdoors with their fellow Rugby Munchkins! It’s an excellent way for them to spend their free time after school, on the weekends or during holidays and breaks. Our coaches and staff work hard to ensure your kids will have the time of their lives every time they’re with us.

Our coaches at Munchkin Sports are energetic, friendly and qualified to teach sports to young children. We are UK Active Kids accredited and hold weekly classes for over 4,000 children in various locations around Kent. Your kids are in capable hands at Munchkin Sports.

Sign your kids up for our rugby classes in Shortlands. Call us on 020 8658 3777 or email to enrol.

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