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Fun and Educational Kids Rugby in Shirley

Pre-school children can get quite rowdy when left to their own devices. Introducing sports activities to kids as early as two years old helps immensely in re-directing all that energy into something more focused and constructive.

Our kids rugby classes in Shirley encourage the development of basic coordinated motor skills to toddlers and pre-schoolers, while instilling valuable lessons in teamwork, fair play, and passion for the sport.

Munchkin Sports’ rugby classes are classified into two age groups:

 Rugby Introduction and Basics for Two- and Four-year-olds

Rugby can be enjoyable even for kids as young as two; our coaches focus on teaching the sport’s core skills such as running with the ball, kicking, catching, and the like. We’ve designed these lessons to help kids build strong fundamentals in a fun yet goal-orientated way.

These classes also emphasise the importance of making friends and getting along with team-mates as much as properly scoring in the game. Parents are welcome to join in the lessons to help motivate their kids to have fun and learn.

Advancing Rugby Skills for Four to Seven-year Olds

 Our kids rugby classes in Shirley for older children focus on fine-tuning their current skills and techniques, while maintaining the virtue of sportsmanship above all else. We gradually introduce more technical skills that further refine their game and then put them to the test in competitive sessions with other kids.

Our coaches foster good competitive spirit within the team, helping build confidence and positive self-esteem that’s unique to team sports compared to other physical activities. This, along with the bonds kids form with each other, promotes healthy social behaviour beyond the field.

Munchkin Sports consistently promotes an educational, safe and inviting environment for its rugby classes. If you have any enquiries regarding our rugby programme or any other sports classes, feel free to contact us today.

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