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Weekend Classes

Restarting our weekend classes in a COVID-safe way

The health and wellbeing of our families and staff has always been our number one priority, and given the current climate, this is now more important than ever. We are pleased to announce Munchkin Sports are back with our COVID-safe Weekend Classes!

What will we be doing?
We will be running all our usual age groups 2-3 years / 3-4 years and 4-7 years. In the 2-3 year old class, one parent may accompany their child and support them with their activities, but the parent must ensure they social distance from other families in the group. In the 3-4 and 4-7 year old classes, parents are not permitted to take part with their children but one parent (not two – this is to help keep our sites COVID-safe and limit infection spread) will need to stay on-site and spectate.

How will we make it safe?
On arrival families should proceed to the hygiene station to first ensure that they sanitise their hands using the anti-bacterial hand gel provided; parents will be encouraged not to bring any non-essential items with them but for any essential items (i.e. water bottles) anti-bacterial wipes will be provided to wipe down the surfaces of each item. If the hygiene station is already occupied, each household will need to queue social-distanced.

Once all members of the household have finished at the hygiene station, they will proceed to the Registration Table where they will register with a member of the Munchkin Sports team. If the registration table is occupied, each household will need to queue social-distanced.

Once registered, each child will be allocated to their coloured team and introduced to their coach. The children will remain in the same age group for the whole term, hence forming a bubble with the other children in their age group.

Once the session has ended, all equipment will be cleaned thoroughly.

We understand that you have lots of questions about our weekend sessions. Therefore, we have compiled all our Covid-19 documents in one place for you. You can view these by clicking on any of the buttons below:

Here are just some of the ways we will be keeping everyone safe at our classes

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    Hygiene Station to use on entry and exit
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    Contactless registration process
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    All equipment cleaned at the end of each session
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    Regular cleaning of common contact-points